man's foot walking with white cane

Our Mission

BALANCE for Blind Adults is a not-for-profit with more than 30 years experience working with individuals who are blind or partially sighted. Our programs enable people with vision loss to live with dignity and inclusion, and to lead independent, active lifestyles.

Our vision is for people to live a quality, enriched life that is engaged with communities and free of social barriers. Our mission is to generate opportunities for those living with vision loss. We provide innovative, inclusive, community-orientated programming and partnerships. Our strong community focus keeps us grounded and our spirit open to change.

BALANCE for Blind Adults core values include:

  • Enhancing quality of life through skill development, support and encouragement
  • Providing an open and flexible learning environment to meet the individual needs of all participants
  • Inspiring participants to be active within the community
  • Valuing each participants unique circumstances and supporting active community engagement
  • Partnering with community members to build an inclusive and supportive network of resources
  • Supporting the use of new technology to improve accessibility and enhance everyday living
  • Motivated, quality people are our primary resource and the foundation of our success.