Podcast Producer (Part-Time, Contract)

Podcast Description

“Living Blind” explores the perspectives and lived experiences of people with sight loss, and delves into barriers, challenges, and real-life strategies for living life to the fullest. Each interview provides insights to inspire and inform. What is it like to live without sight in a sighted world? Now in Season 2, the podcast has listeners in 11 countries.

Role Description

The Producer is a key lead on the Living Blind podcast, primarily working with the host, Executive Producer, and guest hosts and contributors to deliver monthly episodes to subscribers and listeners. You will work primarily in a remote work environment, aiming to produce consistent, informative, and high quality episodes. You will flesh out creative ideas, contact and coordinate guest interviews, lead meetings, and provide creative direction from concept to completion of episodes.


Creative Content Production:

  • Develop and refine creative concepts, episodes, themes, and series.
  • Oversee the process of developing the podcast and ensure production is smooth, on time, and on budget.
  • Manage pre-calls, episode research, and host preparation to ensure high quality content throughout the interview.
  • Manage schedules of host, guests, and producing team.
  • Communicate with guests, guest hosts, and the team on episode recordings, promotional material, and air dates; respond to ideas and requests from Executive Producer and Host.

Audio Management and Editing:

  • Candidate will be responsible for overseeing editing of episodes (the actual audio editing may be done through a third party- candidate will need to be clear in defining what they want from each episode to audio mixer).

Marketing and Podcast Growth:

  • Engage with listeners by receiving feedback.
  • Create promotional material for each episode release (sound bites, images, graphics, etc.); communicate well with BALANCE Digital Marketing Assistant and Newsletter Editor regarding content
  • Monitor podcast metrics to make improvements to how the podcast is structured and produced. Provide regular reports to the Executive Producer.

Ideal Candidate Will Have

  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work independently, but also must work well with a team
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Keen ear for detail
  • Ability to think creatively and proactively to generate new ideas/ solutions to meet podcast requirements
  • Exceptional research, content writing and editing skills
  • An understanding of technical audio production
  • A passion for technology of all kinds, particularly the internet and mobile tech
  • A love of podcasts
  • Lived experience of sight loss is an asset for this position

To apply for this position, please email your resume to info@balancefba.org

Post date: November 25, 2021

Location: Toronto, ON (position can be done from anywhere in Canada)

Is this position remote: Yes                                                                                                      

Commitment: 12-15 hours per month. Ideally a 1-year commitment

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