Life in Balance


Life in Balance is a monthly podcast about all the things that make life enjoyable, make life easier, and make life fun. Each episode our host and Occupational Therapist Naomi Hazlett focuses on a specific topic and gives tips and tricks on how to adapt different activities to accommodate vision loss.

Episode 5: Parenting with Jewel

This episode explores the topic of parenting with a disability. Our guest Jewel shares some of the strategies she used to rear her children from their time as toddlers through to adulthood.

Episode 4: Kitchen Hacks with Sunila and Ramya

We welcome this month’s hostess with the mostess – Gobika – who interviews guests Sunila and Ramya to help uncover their clever cooking hacks.

Episode 3: Active Leisure with Neisha

Naomi discusses ways to adapt leisurely activities to vision loss and the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle with this week’s guest Neisha.

Episode 2: Makeup

Our host Naomi interviews Jewel about make-up tips and tricks that she uses to ensure she is applying her make-up properly and to her satsifaction.

Episode 1: Cooking with Jewel

Naomi talks about strategies for cooking safely and enjoyably. She interviews Jewel about how she makes her favourite dishes.