Visually impaired man is painting.

Occupational Therapy

“Teach a Person to Fish…”

At BALANCE, occupational therapy teaches  problem solving skills when challenges arise in the performance of activities that are important to people, whether it is taking care of yourself, being productive at home or in the community, or having fun. In addition to barriers that come up due to blindness or low vision, OT works alongside people to break down personal, occupational, or environmental barriers that get in the way of fully participating in the things people want or need to do.
Like all services at BALANCE, OT is client-centered and works towards self-identified activities that are important.

Some of the challenges that OT may be able to help you deal with:


  • Finding housing
  • Accessing the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom
  • Coping with stress and anxiety
  • Cooking and eating well


  • Getting organized
  • Volunteering
  • Working
  • Going to school
  • Budgeting


  • Making friends
  • Trying a new activity
  • Joining an activity-based group in the community

Some of the ways OT can break down barriers:

  • Adapting an activity, sometimes with the use of equipment
  • Teaching you a new skill or way of doing something and practicing it together
  • Being your partner in advocating for services or supports