Because of BALANCE

Client Stories

A few of our most dedicated clients have taken the time to express their gratitude by sharing their “Because of BALANCE” stories below. We want to thank them and invite you to read their stories.


Because of Balance I am a better lawyer. Their tech training helped me to become savvy at staying in contact with my clients and maintaining a busy work schedule and their counselling helped me to deal with the difficult transition of practicing law during a pandemic. 


I came to BALANCE about 3 years ago. The team at BALANCE took a holistic approach to service delivery, connecting me with various health and wellness programs in addition to navigation and mobility training. One of my favorite experiences at BALANCE has been with the Sharing Space Support Group, which I looked forward to attending each week without fail. The individuals in our session had wonderful chemistry, and offered a sense of connection and belonging that lasted beyond the group’s conclusion – we are now planning get-togethers all the time! Because of BALANCE I feel recognized and valued as a whole, well-rounded individual. BALANCE has been an enormous support in many aspects of my life.


I have been a member of BALANCE for over 30 years, and value them immensely for their assistance and training. 

I was introduced to tailored programs for me to learn the skills I need to be able to function again with reduced vision. BALANCE Has always been there for me whenever I encounter obstacles that I couldn’t navigate on my own. 

In these very high-tech times in which we live, Balance has provided me with the tools and skills that have enabled me to communicate and organize my thoughts and words with people in all areas of my life and in many formats! 

While Balance has a dedicated and extensive client base who have supported them over the decades, they still experience the challenges that accompany the costs which are necessary while providing their services. For this reason I ask you to support BALANCE is any way you can. Your donation truly makes a difference to the services they provide, and I am grateful for that. 


My name is Jennifer Griffiths, and I am honoured to be a part of BALANCE for Blind Adults.  

Because of BALANCE and the United Way, I was able to receive free, virtual one on one counselling with Lisa Derencinovic. Because of BALANCE and Lisa, I was able to make healthy choices throughout this pandemic, and continue to make healthy choices as we come through to the other side. Lisa is a true ally and support to the blind community.  

Because of BALANCE and Assistive Technology instructor Doug Poirier, I was able to feel more confident with my iPhone due to the virtual Beyond Siri sessions offered. 

I am grateful to BALANCE for their help in getting our community vaccinated, offering support in areas from booking appointments to assisting clients on site. 


My name is Joseph and I’ve been a client of BALANCE since 2005. Over the years, I’ve received support and training for Independent Living Skills and Assistive Technology Instruction such as how to utilize phone navigation apps (BlindSquare, Soundscape, Google Maps, etc.).

BALANCE has supported me socially during the COVID-19 pandemic with online Zoom events and groups. My favourite events were the ROM where I learnt about Whales and Art History. Awareness and information sessions about COVID-19 were provided by BALANCE and Toronto Public Health.  I appreciated that BALANCE kept me informed and socially engaged during the pandemic and especially during the lockdowns so I didn’t feel as isolated.

Because of BALANCE I always feel connected to and supported by my community. 


BALANCE is an organization that helps people with visual disabilities, and the help that I have received from them has been amazing. They have enabled me to make easier use of technology, and this has made the quality of my life a lot better.  

Because of BALANCE, I have overcome barriers to communication and feel even more connected with friends and family since learning these skills.  

I have been greatly helped during COVID-19 with online lessons and one to one in person lessons, learning to use voiceover on my Mac computer.  Please consider a donation to BALANCE or sharing my page with your friends and family who might be interested in supporting this organization. Every dollar would be helpful. Thank you! 


My name is Susanna, and I joined BALANCE over 15 years ago. In 2019, I participated in the concert at the Al Green Theatre, where I performed a 4 fiddle sets and opened the show.  

Throughout the pandemic, I have relied on BALANCE services to access websites, reading materials, to fill in evaluations, and practice my orientation and mobility skills. It has been a benefit to join them, since I normally live in Hamilton, and can’t access services there because of the pandemic. 

Because of BALANCE, I am able to now access the internet on my own, book my trips on Wheel Trans, and I can take online courses like Music in Healing. I am working to be confident in my O&M skills to navigate my neighborhood. I have also benefited from their counselling services.  


BALANCE for Blind Adults has provided me multiple services which helped me to build my confidence through one-to-one adaptive technology, iPhone classes, peer support groups, and employment programs.  

Throughout the pandemic, BALANCE still offered programs and services to clients. I was able to participate in the AT Apprenticeship program, where I work with an AT instructor to help others to learn Assistive Technology.  

I also volunteer my time in one of their many programs, Coffee Connections. They have given me the opportunity to lead this group, and a platform to connect with friends and peers.


In 2014 I moved to Canada from Turkey. Finishing Grade 12 as I was learning English Braille was very challenging and I was referred to BALANCE by a specialist teacher at my high school. I was overjoyed to become a BALANCE client in 2016 as they offer numerous services and programs in order to learn skills and be supported as a person living with visual impairment. Recently I have benefited greatly by taking the UP Skills and Money Matter Workshops. They taught me to become financially responsible as well as becoming more confident in my soft skills which I an excited to use to gain employment once I complete my multiple degrees at University of Toronto. Because of BALANCE I am successful both academically and socially.