Vision, Mission and Values

What We Aspire to Achieve 

An open world for persons who are blind or living with sight loss.

What We Do 

BALANCE provides customized training and support to facilitate optimal independence and community engagement for persons who are blind or living with sight loss and who often have complex needs.

Our Values Flower. Client in the centre, surrounded by 5 interlocking petals. Inclusion at the top, and moving clockwise to the right: respect, trust, empathy, independence
BALANCE Values Graphic

Our Values

  • Inclusion. We believe all people have the right to equal access to the opportunities available in their communities.
  • Respect. We approach each person with thoughtful and non-judgmental regard.
  • Empathy. We relate to each person with understanding and sensitivity to their thoughts, feelings and experiences.
  • Trust. We provide an environment in which people feel physically and emotionally safe.
  • Independence. We provide person-directed support to achieve each client’s goals as fully as possible.