Life in Balance

Welcome to Life in BALANCE. The official podcast of BALANCE for Blind Adults. This podcast is about all the things that help people who are blind or living with partial sight, live life to the fullest. Each episode we have a different guest with lived or professional experience to discuss tips and tricks for how to adapt everyday activities to vision loss, either for yourself or for loved ones.

Episode 7: The Outdoors with Lawrence

This month we chat with Lawrence, host of the podcast “Outdoors with Lawrence Gunther.” He and Naomi chat about sailing, fishing, and cooking on a grill outdoors, among other things. More about Lawrence at his website herehttps://lawrencegunther.com/  

Episode 6: Out and About with Bill and Neisha

Naomi talks with Bill about safely travelling around your neighborhood, with tips and tricks from an Orientation and Mobility instructor. Later, Neisha talks about international travel and how she navigates airports. We have also included a link to YouTube channel “Planes, Trains and Canes” where you can follow professor Mona Minkara, a blind woman traveller, as she explores public transportation on her own, in cities like Johannesburg, London, Singapore, Istanbul!

Episode 5: Parenting with Jewel

This episode explores the topic of parenting with a disability. Our guest Jewel shares some of the strategies she used to rear her children from their time as toddlers through to adulthood.

Episode 4: Kitchen Hacks with Sunila and Ramya

We welcome this month’s hostess with the mostess – Gobika – who interviews guests Sunila and Ramya to help uncover their clever cooking hacks.

Episode 3: Active Leisure with Neisha

Naomi discusses ways to adapt leisurely activities to vision loss and the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle with this week’s guest Neisha.

Episode 2: Makeup

Our host Naomi interviews Jewel about make-up tips and tricks that she uses to ensure she is applying her make-up properly and to her satsifaction.

Episode 1: Cooking with Jewel

Naomi talks about strategies for cooking safely and enjoyably. She interviews Jewel about how she makes her favourite dishes.