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Welcome to “Living Blind” (formerly Life In BALANCE), the official podcast of BALANCE for Blind Adults. This podcast explores the perspectives and lived experiences of people with sight loss, and delves into barriers, challenges, and real-life strategies for living life to the fullest. Each interview provides insights to inspire and inform the question: what is it like to live without sight in a sighted world?

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Meet the Living Blind Podcast Team!

Naomi Hazlett, Host

Selfie of Naomi. She is smiling and has shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and is wearing a blue sweater.

Naomi Hazlett, BSc., MScOT, OT Reg. (Ont.) Is a registered occupational therapist first introduced to the blind and partially sighted community in 2018 at BALANCE for Blind Adults. She received both a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Cognitive Science in 2013 and a Masters in Occupational Therapy in 2017 from the University of Toronto. She is part of a number or organizations and projects related to empowering people and communities through meaningful activity, including therapeutic gaming, writing, and teaching. This is the first podcast Naomi is a host of, and she is thrilled to be sharing the mic with the BALANCE community!

Deborah Gold, Executive Producer

Deborah has dark brown shoulder length hair, glasses, and is wearing a dark flowery shirt. She's in her office smiling at the camera.

For the past 7 years, Deborah has been Chief Executive Officer of BALANCE for Blind Adults. Before joining BALANCE, she worked for 16 years at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind in progressively advanced roles, most recently as their National Director of Research and Program Development. Deborah’s B.A. in Drama stands her in good stead as the Executive Producer of the podcast. In her spare time, she listens to many different types of podcasts while taking long walks, baking her weekly sourdough loaf, or riding her bike-indoors or out. Deborah says: “The Living Blind Podcast is an example of how a very small organization with a strong commitment to its mission and a brilliant team, can share knowledge with those living all over the world, who would most benefit.”

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