Board of Directors

Chair, Bob Stark

Bob Stark

Bob Stark is a Strategy Consultant and Disability Advocate. Prior to this, he was Deputy Minister and CEO of ServiceOntario and an executive at Rogers and Scotiabank. He is married with four children and five grandchildren. His youngest adult daughter is blind and has received services from BALANCE for many years.


Vice Chair, Michelle McQuigge

Michelle is standing by a window with her guide dog.

Michelle McQuigge is a reporter with the Canadian Press, Canada’s national wire service. She holds degrees in English Literature and Journalism from the University of Toronto and Ryerson University, respectively. She is accompanied on all professional and personal adventures by Reva, her much-loved guide dog


Treasurer, Darren R. Harper, CHRL, BBA, Board Member

Darren Harper

Darren Harper is a Certified Human Resources Leader and holds a BBA degree in Organizational Behaviour, is trained as a dispute resolution specialist and has 20 years of experience working in, managing and leading Human Resources and related portfolios. Darren has an extensive background in facilitation, mediation, and negotiation and has a passion for engaging and mentoring emerging HR professionals.


Board Secretary, Robin Dafoe

Robin Dafoe

Robin Dafoe is the Chief Executive Officer and Registrar of the Condominium Authority of Ontario. Robin has worked in the Ontario Public Service for most of her career.  She has extensive experience in board governance and is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.


Past Chair, Meenakshi Venkatesan

Our past Chair, Meenakshi V.

Meenakshi Venkatesan was Chair of the Board from 2015-2017.  Meena has several years of experience as a Research Scientist in Cancer Research across hospitals in Toronto. She holds a PhD degree in Biochemistry from University of Cambridge. She has extensive experience in grant writing and Policy and governance. She also holds a certification in Project Management. She enjoys classical music, is an avid outdoor enthusiast and loves everything about nature and wilderness.



Janis Davidson-Pressick, Board Member

head shot Janis Davidson-Pressick

Janis is a marketing and communications professional with more than twenty years’ experience. She has worked in numerous industries including professional sports, radio, television, and publishing. Janis presently works for Accessible Media, a supporting partner of BALANCE and its initiatives. Janis lives in Toronto with her husband, daughter and three pets.


Virginia Duff, M.D., FRCPC, Board Member (on leave)

Ginny is a psychiatrist practicing at St. Joseph’s Health Centre (Toronto), Centre for Addictions and Mental Health and the University of Toronto.   As part of her psychiatric practice, she works with people who are struggling with vision loss.   Ginny has vision loss herself.   She is an avid downhill skier, sailor and cyclist.


Anita Fineberg, LLB, Board Member

Anita Fineberg is a sole practitioner and consultant in Toronto specializing in the areas of privacy, access to information, data security and information management, in the public, broader public and private health care sector.  She is a “data junkie” who is passionate about the use of objective evidence to inform policy decision-making to improve and sustain the delivery of care in Canada.  Anita has joined the Board of BALANCE to offer her professional expertise and interest in health care to benefit the agency’s clients. You’ll find Anita in a kayak paddling in some exotic locale if you can’t reach her in Toronto.


Stephen Ricci, Board Member

Steve Ricci, Board member

Stephen Ricci is very active in the blind and partially sighted community both professionally and personally. When not selling assistive technology throughout Canada, he volunteers with organizations including Alliance for the Equality of Blind Canadians and Accessible Media Inc. He is married with three children.