Where We Are

The Crossways Complex

2340 Dundas Street West, Unit G-06, Toronto M6P 4A9

From Dundas West Station

  1. Exit Dundas West Station onto the sidewalk of Dundas Street West and turn right to face Bloor Street West.
  2. Travel south to the intersection of Dundas Street West and Bloor Street West and turn left. This intersection has an APS (audible pedestrian signal).
  3. Cross Dundas Street West and continue to travel east along Bloor Street West about 100 metres (330 feet). While travelling on Bloor, there will be two staircases. Shortly after starting going downhill, begin looking for the second staircase. There are bike racks just before the stairs. Locate the second staircase (next to Toronto Public Health) and enter Crossway Mall.
  4. Upon entering the building, the BALANCE office is the first set of double doors located on the left hand side. Use the right door to enter.

From Dundas Street West Mall Entrance
(For Wheel-Trans drop-offs)

  1. Upon entering the door, walk straight to reach a wall of a store front. Landmarks nearby this entrance include a CIBC bank to the immediate left and a Dollarama on the right. A kiosk is present in the middle of the hall.
  2. At the wall, turn left and trail with the wall on the right. After a few metres, turn right at the opening of the hall and continue trailing the wall on the right.
  3. This is a winding hallway that bends to the left and then right. At the midway point there is a small recessed entry way. Continue past this to reach the opening of an intersecting hallway.
  4. Turn right into this hallway. The wall will jut out halfway down the hallway. Trail around this jutting wall.
  5. There will be two sets of double doors after the jutting wall. The second set of doors is the entrance of BALANCE. Use the right door to enter.