Season 2

Living Blind from: BALANCE for Blind Adults

Season 2, Episode 1: Accessing Visual Arts, Here’s How

Living Blind- S2E1 Audio Transcript

John Rae and Melissa Smith join Naomi in discussing everything art! John is a well-known advocate in the GTA for blind and low vision folks, and has lived experience of accessing, or not accessing, art as a partially-sighted person. Melissa is currently the Assistant Curator of Access and Learning at the Art Gallery of Ontario, and tells us about what art galleries do well and what could be better when it comes to accessibility

Take a listen and learn about tactile translation, guided tours, universal design, and how to get the most out of galleries, museums, and other places where art lives and happens. 

Season 2, Episode 2: Learning from Experience-A Conversation with David Lepofsky 

Living Blind- S2E2 Audio Transcript

Join student turned BALANCE occupational therapist Eve as she sits down with David Lepofsky, Canadian lawyer, educator, and disability advocate. Blind for much of his life, David discusses the advancements that have been made in assistive technology for the low-vision community, his distinguished law career, and impressive advocacy work. Stay tuned to the end of the episode for a post-show conversation with Eve and Naomi.  

Some helpful resources, mentioned in the episode:  

Season 2, Episode 3: When Workplace Supports Work- One Journalist’s Story 

Living Blind- S2E3 Audio Transcript

Michelle McQuigge joins Naomi to discuss her career as a journalist for the Canadian Press. They talk about the power of inclusion and mentorship, the need to prove yourself to able-bodied people, and how the pandemic has made journalism more accessible for Michelle as a blind person. Tune in to this hot-off-the-press podcast to learn more!