CELA Workshop

CELA Workshop

March 10, 2021

Interested in joining the book club, but don't quite know how to access library books? Join us for a 2-part workshop on how to navigate the Center for Equitable Library Access. These workshops will be held on Wednesday March 10th and Thursday March 11th, from 1 PM - 2:30 PM via Zoom.

On March 10, learn how to efficiently navigate the CELA website including:

  • How to search for and select preferred content
  • Understand the various file formats available for download
  • Where to locate content and how to download it
  • Set search and other preferences for future use
  • How to read or listen to downloaded content on your computer

Click here to register for the March 10th session.

The session on March 11 focuses on the use of portable devices and how to use direct-to-player downloads. It consists of a demonstration on how to use Dolphin Easy Reader, an easy-to-use app for listening to or reading direct-to-player material and includes:

  • How to add books to your library bookshelf from the CELA website
  • How to download books from your Bookshelf to your device
  • How to both borrow and return books to and from your device
  • Finally, should time permit, a discussion on other downloadable book formats and the apps required to play such content

Click here to register for the March 11th session.

You may choose to attend both or only one of these sessions depending on your needs. If you do not plan on using a portable device, and only plan to use your computer, you may wish to attend only the first session on using the CELA online library.

To ensure you get the most out of this workshop, we recommend creating an account with CELA before the sessions; you will need to have your Toronto Public Library card handy. If you do not have one, simply include your first and last name (no spaces) instead of your library card number.

If you have questions, please call the office at 416-236-1796 ext.0.


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