The Lone Island Lovers

The Lone Island Lovers

February 23, 2021

Ever wonder how plays are made? Come join this workshop and be part of a play making process.

From the team that brought you "Eurydice" comes a workshop performance of "Lone Island Lovers", a brand-new play by recent University of Toronto alumni Mick (Micaela) Robertson. "Lone Island Lovers" is a coming-of-age story about how very hard love can be. Set in a world where everyone lives on their own island, this work in progress explores relationship dynamics, gender roles, and sexuality, all with a touch of humour.

Mature content is included.

"Lone Island Lovers" is being created as much for the ears as for the eyes and imagines people who are blind or have low vision as part of the audience. Workshop participants will hear a reading and then be invited to join a conversation about the play with the artists.

This performance will take place virtually over Zoom on Tuesday February 23rd, starting at 7:30 PM EST. If you are interested in attending, click here to register for "Lone Island Lovers", or call our office at 416-236-1796 extension 0.

BALANCE is excited to continue its partnership with Common Boots Theatre to bring you The Listening Stage: art that is free, accessible, and thought provoking.


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