Senior citizen (woman) is working with block of clay in a group setting.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement Support (CES) is a unique service that enables participants to learn about what resources are available within their community and how to connect with these resources. The Community Engagement program begins as soon as you sign up for support from BALANCE, because each and every staff member incorporates Community Engagement as a prime goal within our services and programs. If you would like to set specific community engagement goals, you can make an appointment for that conversation through our Intake process. Depending on those goals, you may wish to spend appointment time with our Community Engagement lead, with our Adaptive Daily Living Skills Instructor, or with one of our other staff members.

CES offers instruction and support in:

  • connecting to financial resources
  • accessing community health services
  • joining and then participating in mainstream (regular) or specialized (blind persons only) social and recreational activities
  • accessing educational, pre-vocational or volunteer opportunities
  • exploring and connecting with your neighbourhood
  • building self-advocacy skills in order to gain access when it has been denied

For more information on CES, or to register for BALANCE services, please call (416) 236-1796, ext. 0.