woman walking

Orientation & Mobility

Orientation and Mobility (O&M) is a profession specific to blindness and low vision that teaches safe, efficient and effective travel skills to people of all ages.

Orientation refers to the ability to know where you are and where you want to go whether moving from one room to another or walking downtown for a shopping trip.

Mobility refers to the ability to move safely, efficiently and effectively from one place to another.

Being able to travel safely in your home and community helps you build confidence and enjoy going out where and when you desire.

BALANCE for Blind Adults offers training tailored to your daily activities and interests. Orientation and mobility instruction can help you acquire travel techniques and skills to independently:

  • Generate sensory awareness to maximize the use of your senses to maintain orientation and direction of travel
  • Use sighted guide techniques to move safely through indoor and outdoor environments
  • Develop skills to use a mobility cane or dog guide
  • Solicit, accept or refuse aid safely
  • Create and plan travel routes, identify landmarks, and reach destinations using compass directions
  • Analyze and identify intersections to understand traffic patterns in order to cross streets
  • Develop problem solving skills to assist with solving disorientation or route alterations
    Use public transportation such as street cars, buses and subway

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